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Agonist - The Infidels Eau de Parfum 50 Ml 

The pulsating profundity of Scandinavia

The Infidels breathes danger and passion. A direct and disturbing animalistic passion that leaves no doubt as to the true desire of its wearer.

Sour black currant and bergamot enter with drums beating and trumpets sounding, though cumin is responsible for the most part. Fraught with tension and laced with delicate threads of lavender, along with exotic spices, more and more roses break the surface of this bubbling elixir. They compete with jasmine, magnolia and ylang-ylang for the untamed presence, which is perfectly accentuated by powdery opoponax and balsamic myrrh.

The soft-spicy base is also extremely complex yet balanced and luckily we can enjoy this for a long time before the passion slowly cools and makes way for Scandinavian purism.

“If it were only a gleaming fantasy,gushing in the darkness, It would have dried up in the day. But it became a play with smiles, hesitation, and glances, which grew into a desire. The desire blossomed into a shivering flower of lost control, breaking a solemn promise and doing apart.Cutting love in half.”
Sculpture Line Edition No 3 s is a deep and captivating fragrance inspired by the exact moment when the bud is about to burst. The heart of the rose with a deep and sensual ambience.

Top: Pink Peppercorn, Sicilia Lemon, Cloves,Indian Davana, Elemi.
Heart: May Rose, Turkish Rose, Sambac,Jasmine, Egyptian Jasmine, Burmese Magnolia, Tunisian Iris, Comoros Ylang-Ylang, Somali Myrrh, Opoponax.
Base: Indonesian Patchouli, Australian,Sandalwood, Java Vetiver, Spanish Cistus,
Peruvian Balm, Myrtle, Lebanese Cedarwood,Virginia Cedarwood, Indian Amber,Bourbon Vanilla.

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