Un Air de Damas Fullah 80 ml Eau de Parfum

  • Un Air de Damas Fullah 80 ml Eau de Parfum
  • Un Air de Damas Fullah 80 ml Eau de Parfum
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Un Air de Damas - Fullah Eau de Parfum 80 ml

Precious little white flower, so fragile, so contradictory, Fullah is a native plant of the area around Damascus.

It is all the more amazing for being ephemeral, living for just one day after flowering.

Dorin is able for the very first time to bring you this rare and delicate scent stabilized in a perfume, a treat for those in search of rarity.Dorin is one of the eldest perfumes and cosmetics brand in activity in France, and probably in the world! Since its inception, the House has been dedicated to the beautification and worship of Women and Men. In 1780, Maison Dorin was granted to the honor of becoming the Official Purveyor to the Royal Court of Versailles for powders and cosmetics. Symbol of out-standards luxury, with a traditional approach in innovative creating, Maison Dorin has preserved, through nearly three centuries of experience, the taste of perfection through its cosmetics & its fragances.

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