VANILLE EXCLUSIVE Eau de Parfum 60 ml

  • VANILLE EXCLUSIVE Eau de Parfum 60 ml
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Mancera VANILLE EXCLUSIVE Eau de Parfum 60 ml

Vanilla Exclusif
is vanilla dressed up with a pert volley of fruits, candy, and flowers for a result that feels as joyful as walking through a summer fair, the warm air fragrant with the smell of candyfloss, gummy sweets mashed into the grass, and the sweet scent of the fruity perfumes of teenage girls. It smells innocent and happy, a scent to erase all the worries and stress of day-to-day life and hurtle us back through time to our childhood, when our pleasures were simple and upfront. A lick of salty, radiant amber in the base gives the fruity excess of the topnotes is a steadying, adult anchor that holds everything in place.

Vanilla, Osmanthus, jasmine, peach ... and whipped cream! A greedy and powdery fragrance like a brown sugar cookie.

Oriental Floral
Osmanthus, White Peach, Brown Sugar & Whipped Cream.
Indian Tuberose, Jasmine, Violet.
Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood & Precious White Musk.

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