Versailles 1780 EXTRAIT DE PARFUM SPRAY 100 ml

  • Versailles 1780 EXTRAIT DE PARFUM SPRAY 100 ml
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Versailles 1780 EXTRAIT DE PARFUM 100 ml

Versailles 1780

If ever a scent represented the values of Maison Dorin, it truly is “Versailles 1780” - ax beautifully subtle fragrance including powder notes and paying homage to that most crucial date in French history, 1780, the year in which Maison Dorin was named official supplier of face powder and make-up to the Royal Court at Versailles. Everything about this scent is redolent of French refinement and sophistication.

Oriental Floral
A sensational, delicate and refined fragrance combining the powdery scent of violet, sweet almondy and peachy notes, along with a slight splash of lipstick.

TOP NOTES Almond · Violet Powder · Bergamot
MIDDLE NOTES Lipstick notes · Rose · Peach
BASE NOTES Benzoin · Peruvian Balsam · Raspberry · Musk


Drawing inspiration straight from the very history of the House of Dorin, this new collection harks back to the heady end of the18th century when the firm was officially recognised as a supplier of face powders and foundation make up to the royal court. The firm pledged always to remain true to the needs of its royal clients, an ethos that has guided it down through the ages.
This range of five olfactory sensations was devised to recreate a majestic and intimate experience, each retelling a different story about the history of the firm. Each fragrance is available as both a scent and a scented candle.
Beautiful and prestigious decorative objects, these two incarnations are perfect as gifts, either for other people or for oneself. Take a beautiful olfactory journey through the golden age of Palace of Versailles.
As expect from Maison Dorin creations, this collection is manufactured in France from high-quality natural materials, each bearing witness to our know-how, authenticity and faultless quality control.

The packaging also draws its inspiration from the history of the house of Dorin. The
textured cream paper, the embossed card and the gilding give an impression of purity
and richness that is the signature of the collection.
The five scents composing the collection are available as 100ml and 200ml sprays,
presented in the brand’s historical transparent flask, with a Maison Dorin gilded
signature as a logo.

Because of the high costs there will be in each ordered sample only a few sprays.

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