VESPER Extrait de Parfum 75 ml

  • VESPER Extrait de Parfum 75 ml
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Santa Eulalia - Vesper Extrait de Parfum

Barcelona-based Santa Eulalia has launched Vesper, a new fragrance "that describes a romantic evening stroll around [Barcelona]".

A romantic evening stroll around town. This is Vesper, the ultimate fragrance by Santa Eulalia. An intense concoction to create a sensory portrait of love. A composition that will instantly whisk you away in the sunset. With notes of cypress, star anise, and figolide, and a heart of myrrh, labdanum and coffee, it shades with Guaiac, Sandal and Cedar wood and genlty ends with Benzoin, Cistus and Vanilla. That is to say, Barcelona is very easy to fall in love with. Go for the architecture and gastronomy, but stay for the romance and spray it in the air with Vesper.
The fragrance features cypress, star anise, myrrh, labdanum, coffee, guaiac wood, sandalwood, cedar, benzoin, vanilla and fig.
Albis, Citric, Marinis and Obscuro. 4 fragrances that represent 4 moods, 4 sensations, 
4 perspectives of nature and 4 areas that pay homage to the Catalan capital through ingredients 
that reflect the spirit of a unique city on the Mediterranean.

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