Vespero Perfume Extrait 30 ml spray

  • Vespero Perfume Extrait 30 ml spray
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Vespero Perfume Extrait 30 ml spray

We are waiting for a tester so we cannot make samples right now.

«Evening» in Esperanto

This resolutely masculine extract is dedicated to dandyish urban night owls who were just waiting for their signature perfume to come along. A fragrance so insidery, finding likeminded spirits who wear it becomes almost a game, a knowing nod among members of the same elite club.

Woody, Ambery, Musky
Top notes are bergamot, apple and pink grapefruit; middle notes are cedar, geranium, leather and jasmine; base notes are patchouli, amber, woody notes and musk.

Because this is a parfum extrait there will be in each ordered sample only a few sprays.

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