Vitrum Extrait de Parfum 30 ml

  • Vitrum Extrait de Parfum 30 ml

Sammarco - Vitrum Extrait de Parfum 30 ml

Vitrum is a perfume made for a journalist: Federica, who loves vetiver and asked me to create her a bespoke vetiver fragrance. It is based on an extraordinary vetiver oil mixed with rose to lend a touch of softness and black pepper to give power and strength. A very smoky and very gentle composition and Federica liked it.

Very smoky, very gentle.

Alter is the jasmine of sensuality and seduction.

Sambac Jasmine with rose and incense create a secrete mix of old fashioned beauty.

A little bit of mimosa and an hint of animal mystery.

A perfume for woman, for man and for woman and men together.

Woody Aromatic
Top Note: Vetiver, Pepper, Frankincense, Rose, Bergamot

Because of the high costs (real perfume) there will be in each ordered sample only a few sprays.

The Brand Sammarco
“Perfumers design dreams and give new life to emotions, to those living inside us as olfactory reminiscences. To do this we trust the strong mix between innovation and traditions, by following a vision.

Perfumery is research of beauty. Perfumers design dreams and emotions. To do this we need raw materials. We need the best in the world. We need innovations and traditions. We need a vision, we need inspiration. I try to create something beautiful using the best raw materials and without compromises.” Giovanni Sammarco


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