White Tubereuse 50 ml

  • White Tubereuse 50 ml
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Reminiscence - Histoire de Fleurs - White Tubereuse 50 ml

White Tubereuse,
A single drop suffices to reveal its generosity and power.

White Tubereuse, a new emotion to share around this delicate, powerful and generous flower.
n elegant start with ylang ylang unfolding into a creamy and fruity heart of Tuberose. Sprinkled with spicy bouquets, the base bursts into a myriad of woody and musky notes.

For this new collection, the bottle cap is adorned with jewels in fetish Reminiscence colors and materials, silver, turquoise, and crystals.

Although this flower seems frail and delicate, it bursts into an explosion of aromas when it takes the stage. Without excess, a single drop suffices to reveal its generosity and power. Instantly seductive and always elegant.

The magician is he who knows how to capture this power and further magnify it. A sort of bold "one-upmanship" which has been part of Reminiscence's DNA from the beginning.

Famille Olfactive : Spicy white floral
Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon

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