Omniscent 50 ml Eau de Parfum

  • Omniscent 50 ml Eau de Parfum
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Yosh – Omniscent 0.96

“Noir, spicy, woody, floral, powdery and mysterious. When I created this fragrance, I couldn’t fit it into a category or describe it well, so I made up a word – Omniscent. It’s an all-encompassing scent with a little bit of everything, including a touch of magic. On people with red hair and milky skin and green eyes, it becomes so enchanting. And on someone with dark hair and dark skin, it’s very warm and spicy. On a few people, it turns to powder and becomes very ethereal. The pink pepper gives it that shimmering, versatile quality. It’s just gorgeous. I love it on both men and women. Perfect for winter, or a dramatic evening out.”
Yosh Han

Omniscent covers the full spectrum of scents for the utmost versatility. Especially pink pepper gives this classic scent a light, ethereal quality, yet it´s also spicy and robust. Both men and women who wear this fragrance comment on its magnetic quality – so prepare to be utterly irresistible when you wear it!

0.96 – the fragrant magic of the numbers...
Every single one of Yosh Han´s fragrances is signed with a specific numerical code: the first number represents the fragrance family (citric, floral, fougere, chypre, woody, oriental, leather, gourmand, tropical). The second number is related to the chakra (the body´s main centres of energy according to the Tantric doctrine), and the third number was thoroughly deduced from the numerology:

Fragrance Family: 0 – woody, oriental, fruity
Chakra: 9 – aura
Numerology: 6 – love, understanding

woody, oriental, fruity
Gardenia, Egyptian tuberose, fig, lilac, violet, kush, Tunisian opium, vanilla, sandalwood, basil, clove, geranium, pink grapefruit

Deze geur omvat het hele spectrum aan geuren voor de grootst mogelijke veelzijdigheid. Roze peper zorgt voor een klassieke geur van licht etherische kwaliteit. Daarnaast is de geur ook pittig en robuust, wat hem moeilijk te weerstaan maakt voor zowel mannen als vrouwen.

Reviews (1)
rating 4 (4 / 1 Reviews)

Sonja Klaassen (09-06-2016) rating 4 De lekkerste geurtje dat er is!!!! Zoveel complimenten

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