Stargazer 50 ML EDP

  • Stargazer 50 ML EDP
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Yosh – Stargazer 7.71

“Aspen sparkles. The snow and the stars look like diamonds. When I lived there, I used to love bundling up in winter and standing outside my balcony, looking up at the millions of stars twinkling against the midnight mountain sky. When you’re at this altitude, you’re closer to the stars, and they seem more crystal and luminescent.”
Yosh Han

Stargazer is a wonderful fresh green fragrance that can be worn from day into the evening, with an olfactory charm that is irresistible for both men and women. This beguiling concoction is inspired by the intoxicating aroma of the stargazer lily and late summer nights spent with watching shooting stars – a timeless beauty with infinite appeal.

7.71 – the fragrant magic of numbers...
Every single one of Yosh Han´s fragrances is signed with a specific numerical code: the first number represents the fragrance family (citric, floral, fougere, chypre, woody, oriental, leather, gourmand, tropical). The second number is related to the chakra (the body´s main centres of energy according to the Tantric doctrine), and the third number was thoroughly deduced from the numerology:

Fragrance Family: 7 – green, tropical floral
Chakra: 7 – crown, havingness, knowingness
Numerology: 1 – independent, original, Self

Floral Green
Kenya lily, white ginger

Stargazer is een prachtige, frisse, groene geur, die zowel overdag als ’s avonds gedragen kan worden. Zijn charme is onweerstaanbaar op zowel mannen als vrouwen. Dit parfum is geïnspireerd op het bedwelmende aroma van de Stargazer ‘sterrenkijker’ lelie. Onder de sterrenhemel kan men genieten van vallende sterren en tijdloze schoonheid.

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