U4EAHH! 50 ml EDP

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  • U4EAHH! 50 ml EDP
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"U4EAHH! is a fragrance that inspires euphoria when you smell it. The pear notes blended with cucumber and aloe vera are so juicy, with that perfect touch of tartness from pomegranate you can’t help but laugh in sheer delight. I have a client who wears it right before she goes to bed so she has happy dreams. I find that people who love this fragrance have a certain joie de vivre, full of vibrancy, with a zest for life. When you live in that state of bliss, doesn’t everything just seem to go your way? Wearing U4EAHH! is like wearing a lucky charm."
Yosh Han

An olfactory personification of youth, vivaciousness and pure joy: U4EAHH! is an euphoric, blissful fragrance composition evoking idyllic, sun-soaked days with its light hints of delicious pomegranate, pear, cucumber, water lily and aloe vera...

2.43 – the fragrant magic of numbers...
Every single one of Yosh Han´s fragrances is signed with a specific numerical code: the first number represents the fragrance family (citric, floral, fougere, chypre, woody, oriental, leather, gourmand, tropical). The second number is related to the chakra (the body´s main centres of energy according to the Tantric doctrine), and the third number was thoroughly deduced from the numerology:

Fragrance Family: 2 – fruity, green floral
Chakra: 4 – heart
Numerology: 3 – friendly, social, artistic

Fruity Green Floral
Pomegranate, aloe vera, cucumber, pear, water lily

U4EAHH! Is een euforisch, gelukzalige geur die een idyllische, zonovergoten dag oproept, herkenbaar aan de lichte toetsen van granaatappel, peer, komkommer, waterlelie en aloë vera. U4EAHH! verpersoonlijkt jeugd, levendigheid en pure vreugde.

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