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Dear Diary Paris


is an artistic perfume line that was carefully created with specific memories in mind. It is a medley of scents that relate the present to places, people and times in the past. Each perfume tells an interesting story that existed in someone life and conveyed with high quality materials to deliver a specific meaning. The line was created to stimulate the great human mind’s ability of association which takes the receiver of these scents to the same place and at a specific time. The great Picasso once said « Painting is just another way of keeping a Diary ». He decided to capture a moment in life and translate it into art and I decided to translate these memories into scents

Passion, Patience and Perseverance, these are 3 essential values for the Perfume Designer. They have been at the core of the five years spent to create and elaborate the seven fragrances of the "Dear Diary" perfume line.
Passion for raw materials, composing, original creation.

Patience in listening, communicating, to target expectations and interpret them.
Perseverance to come up with the closest translation of the described dream and vision.
Everything came from Amber: Cosy, oriental, sensual and mysterious. I then told seven stories, seven fragrances, just like as many romances with the same intro, but how different and various are the developments! Seven perfumes, seven pages of a Diary that tells the story of a life, its adventures, discoveries, diversity.

"Create a fragrance is to me like telling a story. Nothing means more than the freedom to create, to choose each scent one by one and to compile them, so to interpret one's dream."

Sylvie Jourdet.


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