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Poppy King, Lipstick Queen
Poppy King, the founder of Lipstick Queen, is not a make up artist, she is a bona fide lipstick queen and has been from an early age. She has been obsessed with lipstick since she played dress ups at seven years old.

“ My first time with lipstick as a li!le girl was like a bolt of lightning. I felt like a superhero with my mom’s lipstick on. Like I could do anything now that I had these gorgeous lips. To this day, I still get the same adrenalin rush every time I put on a great lipstick!”

Not satisfied with the lipsticks on the market, Poppy started her own lipstick brand at just 18 years of age and has been a legend in the cosmetic industry ever since. Based in New York City, Lipstick Queen, her latest brand was launched in 2007 in Barneys New York. Lipstick Queen focuses entirely on lips, lips and more lips and is introducing new groundbreaking lip products every season.
It has become a cult brand in the US, UK and Australia. Featured across the globe in magazines, newspapers, and television and on the lips of the coolest celebrities. Lipstick Queen is going from strength to strength.
Poppy’s chic, quirky, downtown glamour approach to lips is like no other brand hence the devoted following she has attracted. You only have to try a Lipstick Queen product to see and feel the passion, obsession and femininity that she brings to every shade, every formula.


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