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L'oblìo Perfume extract 100 ml

Frankincense, Oud, Benzoin, Patchouli, Tonka bean THIS IS A REAL PERFUME!

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Meo Fusciuni - L'oblìo Pure Parfum with spray

The Inspiration
Olfactory, bright and sour notes open this work, an intense, vibrating light like a bright labyrinth.

Oblivion tells about the end of a long journey in the life of a man, third and last chapter of the mystique trilogy.

My gaze is serene in my heart, it floats in the liquid body of the large river, in the silence, in the vegetal soul of this work. Up to the end, the dusty and earthy state of oblivion. In this perfume time has a quiet body and it represents its sublimation. The strong initial light carries you on the banks of the large, spiritual, melancholy, deeply-rooted river. Almost forgetting the reason of this journey, closed in a spiral of emotions, man is still there in his oblivion. The brown colour of the matter that contains it, represents the earth, the man roots. The image that comes from a casual manufacture of iron symbolizes the abstract vision of oblivion.

I wish people could loose themselves in this fragrance as if they were in a labyrinth with no landmarks, I wish they could abandon themselves without any memories and let themselves floating on the large river at night, with no lights to see its banks. The beauty of the nature odor and the silence of the night. Oblivion reaches a kind of beatitude of the spirit.

Perfume becomes a psychic odor and carries you to a limbo, a labyrinth made of dust where you forget everything. Peace and oblivion, beatitude and meditation.

My research goes on listening only to my steps, signs that appear in limbic moments, lost in my world. Through sound and long meditation odor becomes deeply-rooted.
Oblivion and olfactory memory..

“...and if it were better forget rather than remember?”

The olfactory pyramid:
Iris Mate Immortelle Tobacco
Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Sacred woods, Powder, Musk

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Carine - 24-01-2020 07:04

Zacht bij de huid. Maar mooie geur.

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