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Saiph Attar 13 ml
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Oriental Spicy Top Note: Black Pepper, Lemon, Saffron, Earth, Leather, Ozonic Notes, Balsam of Tolu, Thyme, Bay Laurel Heart Note: Red Pepper, Carnation, Peony, Honey, Magnolia, Sage, Frankincense

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Tiziana Terenzi - Luna Collection - Saiph Attar

The creation contained in this attar was born from a journey of exploration, which the mind accomplishes through memories that come together in the childish dream of a fairy country. The chiaroscuro of memory becomes, with this nectar, an explosion of colors on the screen of imagination, access to the glare of the dream.

A scent that you do not expect, and which surprises you from the first moment. A poetry nectar ready to kidnap you, to make you fly on the wings of the Ippogrifo among rainbows of wonder that only creativity can render. A citrus bouquet lying on a bed of rose petals, supported by the effervescence of oxygen. Sweet and deep counterpoints of lovable fruit are chasing each other, expertly held up by precious woods and by the warm embrace of vanilla, amber and musk.



Top Note: Lemon, Bergamot, Rose, Ozonic Notes

Heart Note: Floral notes, Green notes, Cedarwood, Violet,Passion Fruit

Base Note: Patchouly, Vanilla, Musk, Vetiver, Ambergris

Tiziana Terenzi Luna Attar Collection
A new, innovative project of artistic perfumery is born, inspired by the search for the root of the fragrance. The first perfume in the history was certainly alcohol free, a wondrous and magical potion to be spread gently on the skin as a nectar from the gods, contained in glass ampoules of wondrous beauty.

Tiziana’s creative inspiration deliver the project of a new and precious crystal bottle entirely handmade, dedicated to contain these precious essences. The crystal bottle is grinded with a diamond cut that emphasizes the surrounding light.

An exclusive, unique bottle for your collection of pure essences. A dense honey-like nectar, intense and long lasting as only an Attar can be. Tiziana and Paolo have always loved the contamination of cultures and personal growth.

They were involved in this project since very long time, with the aim to make a perfume nectar with the nice and velvety texture of honey, different from any other product that can be found in the world.

Tiziana and Paolo finally realized their dream, creating a new wonder which is also a new fragrance category: Attar nectar. This nectar of pure essence brings us back to very ancient and heavenly origins of perfume. It must be used by skilled hands, and only by a deep connoisseur of beauty.

Only those with a sophisticated soul can have the privilege of knowing the art contained in these glass ampoules.

Only those who know how to dose the precious nectar will receive back all its full vitality, building around them an aura of unique and irresistible charm. You may use wise drops of this nectar in the hot spots of your body, such as wrists, ankles, neck or the area behind the ear, creating a long cloak of fragrant scents around you, unsurpassed intensity and a long lasting effect.

You can also use a few drops as a platform to emphasize and reverberate harmonies, your exclusive and unique fragrance. A genuine essence of artistic perfumery, reserved for a select few who possess the gift of knowledge. Your presence will be emphasized by a trail of Charm, and your ascendant will be fortified by stellar effluvia.

From the constellation of Orion, here are two essences inspired by the most magical stars, Saiph and Tabit, incredibly wealthy and rich. A true object of stellar pleasure able to create, in the hands of skilled experts, unique and inimitable compositions.

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