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Arles 1955 Eau de Parfum 100 ML
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Oriental Spicy Top notes: fleur de lis, rose and magnolia. Heart notes: apricot, peach, cinnamon, cumin and cloves. Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, musk and grey amber.

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Morph Arles 1955

Clear. Quiet. Resigned. Prisoner.

Intense parfum
The best notes of the black pepper lay on a bed of cloves sealed by a noble heart of musk.

Fanny had a delicate nose, two wonderful blue eyes and the self-confident behavior of who is not afraid to make a mistake. She was unsettled, capricious and changeable. But she was a dreamer. She had only a great passion: the flowers. She used to cultivate thousands of flowers of different colors and fragrances, she used to take good care of them every day of the year. The flowers grew in her greenhouse, it had fine colorful windows that Fanny had decorated by herself.

The greenhouse had been the first gift from her husband. The passion of Charles was Fanny, and the greenhouse had been a way to hold her near to him.
Charles used to feel a big consolation every day when he went back home and found Fanny cultivating the new Irish rosebud in the greenhouse.

Fanny used to spend her time drinking some tea on the patio with her friends, playing some boring games or riding her horse. She used to invite her friends in the greenhouse to observe her creations, the bulbs, the grafts of the plants. She felt happy when she looked at those colorful flowers, and smelt those mysterious fragrances. Calm. Quiet.

Resigned. Imprisoned. What was she doing there? A so deep passion couldn’t stop her there, she couldn’t live a life that she had never chosen anymore.
She spent her last night in that greenhouse. When the first lights of the dawn started to hit the colorful windows, in the air appeared small and sudden rainbows.

The bundles of lights touched her face, she was tired but happy. That day Charles was breathless when, coming back home, he didn’t find Fanny. She wasn’t there.

That day Charles didn’t find the greenhouse too. In fact he saw a lot of broken windows, cut flowers and soil everywhere.

Charles felt destroyed, betrayed, abandoned and meaningless as the windows of the greenhouse that he had built for her.

The previous night Fanny had produced her most beautiful creation. She had distilled flower buds, petals and leaves, she had obtained the subliminal essences and mixed them together. She had wrote on a copybook every attempt, flower after flower, try after try, she had to do this, because something like that had to be created, sooner or later. That night Fanny had created the fragrance of her freedom.

Something so special had to be recreated sooner or later, Morph has mixed flower buds, petals and leaves, following the precious instructions of Fanny. Morph has recreated that floral essence that perfumes of freedom.

This embracing fragrance evokes the Provence and freedom inspired by its places.
Unisex scent, made ​​with natural elements in a fruity and floral mix.

Oriental Spicy
Top notes: fleur de lis, rose and magnolia.
Heart notes: apricot, peach, cinnamon, cumin and cloves.
Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, musk and grey amber.


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