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Nudo Eau de Parfum 100 ML

Oriental Woody

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Morph Nudo Intense parfum

It was the fusion of two worlds: the sacred one and the profane one.

Nudo is the perfect union of incense and the recollection of the smell, reproduced in the laboratory, of the coca plant.When I had met Lola for the first time I had been fascinated by her gentle gaze, it contrasted with her eighty-year-old wrinkles and the rigidity of her words. I had tried to touch her heart speaking about the grandfather, her land and my passion.

It had been all to no avail, she would have changed the idea during our third meeting. That time Lola took a little bottle that was held inside an old treasure chest. The odor entered into my soul, it was known, renowned. I have never forgotten that fragrance.
Lola closed the little bottle and she started to recount. Her grandfather was Colombian, he emigrated to the United States during the first years of the century. He was a simple Colombian peasant that was used to work chewing leaves of coca in Bogotá. He dreamed to make his fortune abroad. During that period  coca wasn't forbidden.
It was an invigorating and magic substance. It was employed for benefic potions. On one hand the potions were elixirs able to give energy to those used them, and on the other hand they guaranteed a lot of money to their producers. Lola's grandfather created one of those elixirs. He made his fortune. He called this potion Nudo (Naked) , as the Colombian ridge near his mother country.
When Lola was speaking about her grandfather's life I started to think about a lot of things...a so penetrating odor, that sensation of well-being. Lola understood me and reassured me.
Some years after her grandfather's creation, coca was forbidden. He was despaired. Suddenly Kate entered in his life. Their union was quite magic.
They were so different. Lola's grandfather was a pleasant that had made his fortune thanks to a coca elixir, while Kate was an Irish and catholic girl of good stock. Her grandfather used to say that no one can be perfect alone.
In a March evening he decided to show her his storage and his 1000 phials of Nudo. Kate understood that the fragrance would have made their fortune.
She tasted it. Her brain would have never resisted without that fragrance anymore. It  was an odor that no one would have never forgotten. Kate made the incense burnt, as she used to do when she looked for an answer.
The penetrating and persuasive odor filled the air. Kate had her answer, she added some incense to the elixir and the aromas started to merge. It was as a miracle.
Kate added a touch of eternity to Lola's grandfather's life. It was as the fusion of two worlds: the sacred one and the profane one. Together they were perfect.
The fragrance went like the hot cakes. Then Lola's grandfather went back to Colombia, where there was a war. Kate stopped the selling and decided to wait for him. But he would have never come back.
"This is the last phial. when it will be finished, the memories will be finished too. This is the reason why I have decided to tell you this story. You mustn't forget it".  A tear appeared in Lola's eyes when she finished telling me the story of her family. Then she smiled at me, she opened the treasure trove and gave me the last phial.
"Maybe my grandfather was right. This last little bottle needs you to reach the perfection."  Thanks to this gift, Morph has been able to reproduce faithfully the fragrance of Lola's forefathers, the one based on the coca and incense. The mix between sacred and profane elements, the magic fusion is able to give to your life an edge over.

Oriental Woody
The fragrance features incense and herbal notes.

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