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Pure Soul Eau de Parfum 100 ML
Pure Soul Eau de Parfum 100 ML

When you love powdery perfumes this is a must have!

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Pure Soul Intense parfum

A scent that speaks to the soul.

Excellent talcum flowers , harmonized with tonka bean and white musk , make Pure soul not a simple odor: a scent that speaks to the soul.

The first time I met Margot I was just 16. I met her in a little coffee shop in a little city in Provence. The owners of the shop were her parents, she used to work there when she wasn't studying.

The first time she looked at me with her green eyes and gave me a hot coffee with a cinnamon praline. It was what I desired, but I had told her no words, I had never been in that coffee shop before, and it was the first time I met Margot. She was able to read my thoughts. Day after day I started to return to that coffee shop, and every time I went there Margot foresaw my desires. Mint tea, English muffin with plenty of blueberries, three cream puffs, a glass of red wine, she always guessed right.

I'm Frederic, a very important stylist, and I retired some years ago. I met Margot for the first time at the peak of my career. I immediately understood that Margot had a natural gift. I decided to take advantage of her foresight. She was able to read everyone's thoughts, both men and women.

After six months we decided to open our first atelier, in only three months we were on the most important fashion magazines. Margot used to chat with the customers and discover their tastes. I used to realize wonderful dresses beyond their expectation.

A day Margot told me that customers wanted to dream and they needed a fragrance able to talk with their souls. I knew it was the right moment to leave them breathless. So I imagined a lot of fragrances, day after day, night after night, and Margot read my thoughts. We worked very hard to create something of unique. A magic perfume that could have made us rich, famous and happy. When finally we finished that fragrance I was on the top of the world, and she seemed so happy too.

Unluckily I wasn't able to read Margot's thoughts. It happened what I would have never imagined, she disappeared into thin air. She left me a letter. I read it thousands times, I couldn't believe. The letter had a well-known fragrance, but the words had no meaning. Margot had fallen in love with me since the first time she had met me in her parents' coffee shop, since the moment she had given me that hot coffee with a cinnamon praline.

She had been my colleague for three years, she had been waiting for all that time. we had worked day after day together and during that time she hadn't perceived any sentiment. She had known it, so she had decided to not spend other time with me, she couldn't stand my loveless thoughts. Margot is my greatest regret, although I had never thought about her as a partner, she had been as a partner during those years. I closed the fragrance into the drawer, I decided to not open it anymore.

Anyway my carrier went on, I faced good times and bad times, but some customers said I had lost my cheerful behavior.

A lot of times I deceived myself, I thought to see her face thousands times, I imagined her on her beloved chair in the atelier. Last time I have imagined her this morning having a coffee in the kitchen.

Some weeks ago I opened that drawer. That fragrance deserves to be known, loved and adored as she should have been loved. Morph has reproduced that magic odor as passionately and emotionally as I and Margot did. That fragrance will fill your hearts, it will touch your souls and it will spread all over the world...looking for Margot.

Perfume fragrance delicate and sweet, made ​​with natural elements.

Top: bergamot, lemon
Heart: jasmine, ylang-ylang
Base: talcum flower, tonka fava beans, white musk


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Ellen - 31-01-2020 14:14


friedinger - 19-07-2014 02:21

I call this the scent of an angel. It's a bright, soft and very powdery fragrance.
The most natural, creamy ylang-ylang is at the heart of the scent, teamed up with the freshness of light citrus and clean white musk, while a beautiful powdery veil surrounds evrything. "Pure Soul" is a delicate, tender and poetic fragrance, neither loud nor heavy, it stays very light and airy, but it still has excellent longevity.

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