Al-Andalus Attar 7,5 ml

  • Al-Andalus Attar 7,5 ml
  • Al-Andalus Attar 7,5 ml
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Moresque Black Collection Al-Andalus Esprit de Parfum 7,5 ml

Moresque creates “esprit de parfum” as a powerful reminder that scented oils have their roots in arabic perfumery culture.

Neither an eau de parfum, nor an extrait de parfum, “esprit de parfum” is an extremely concentrated scented oil that explores the “spirit” and core essences of a perfume.

Those two distinct collections of Esprit de parfum, encapsulated in sumptuous crystal flacons, embody the essential expression of the Eau de Parfum Tamima (WHITE collection), Al-Andalus (BLACK collection) and Aristoqrati (ART collection).

Named after one of the ancient cultural province of the Moors, Al-Andalus is a fiery and seductive scent that recalls the wildness/the vibrancy and the blazing sun of Andalusia. 

The fragrance opens on energizing and cheerful spicy notes that awake like the first rays of the sun. The stimulating, burning and earthy trio of saffron, black pepper and ginger prepare for an explosion of warmth that gets deeper. Its rich heart of Oud is protected and strengthened by essences of character: vetiver, French labdanum and birch.

Top notes: saffron, black pepper, ginger
Heart notes: oud Jacarta from Kalimantan Island
Base notes: Haitian vetiver, French labdanum, birch oil, tolu balsam

MORESQUE pays tribute to the legacy of the rich art and culture of Arabic perfumery.

MORESQUE creates olfactory sensations and Haute Parfumerie products that reveals subtle luxury, style and distinction.

Because of the high costs there are no samples from this highly concentrated perfumeoil.

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