Ambre loup 50 ml EDP

  • Ambre loup 50 ml EDP
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(4.8 / 4 Reviews)
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Rania J. - Ambre loup 50 ml EDP

Amber vibrates on the skin like a heartbeat with labdanum, vanilla, tonka bean,agarwood, and vetiver.
A warm fragrance, sensual and mysterious .
For him & Her

Nose: Rania Jouaneh

 Woody Oriental
Top Note: Ambergris, Labdanum (Rockrose), Balsam of Peru, Vanilla
Heart Note: Ambergris, Labdanum (Rockrose), Balsam of Peru, Vanilla
Base Note: Agarwood (Oud), Tonka Bean, Cedarwood, Musk


The raw materials, natural essences and essential oils, are selected and harvested directly from producers and distillers who continue to produce using traditional methods.Our expertise and dedication to quality production guarantees exceptional fragrances that result in the perfume reconnecting with its original function: to stimulate the senses, reconnect with nature, the Earth and its aromatic treasures.
Today, the nature’s aromas remain the core of her modern and sensual creations.Her fragrances put forth noble and rare essences while respecting their olfactory richness and complexities. She envisages her perfumes as a key accessory, one to be worn as jewelry for the skin.
All of the creation and development processes of Rania J perfumes are guided by humanitarian and environmental values that meet Sustainable Development criteria.This principal is evidenced by our choice of raw materials, bottles, reduced packaging, recyclable materials.Rania J does not engage in animal testing.



Reviews (4)
rating 5 (4.8 / 4 Reviews)

Hester (26-06-2015) rating 5 Een van de verrukkelijkste ambers die ik ken. Heerlijk in een warme zomer, troostend in de herfst. Warm, zinnelijk, echt zalig.

tymanski (28-02-2014) rating 4 a strong, warm herbal amber that feels like luten ambre sultan but much less sharp. ambre loup also has a rum/whisky element to it that remain for a long time, which helps keep it complex for quite a long time. an excellent amber to try out!

katja (19-12-2013) rating 5 Mooie warme amber,lijkt wel op Luctor Et Emergo ( pure parfum) maar is iets kruidiger en heeft niet de amandelgeur die ik in LeE ruik.Prachtige geur voor de herfst en winter,heerlijk voor op natte stormachtige dagen waar de nacht langer duurt dan de dag.

W. (23-10-2013) rating 5 Heerlijke amber geur, die als een warme comfortabele deken om je heen hangt, met rokerige wierookachtige accenten. Blijft lang hangen. De beste amber die ik tot nu toe ben tegen gekomen. En ik heb er heel wat getest!

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