Live in Colours Eau de Parfum 75 ml

  • Live in Colours Eau de Parfum 75 ml

THE HOUSE OF OUD - Live in Colours Eau de Parfum 75 ml

Fruity - Colourful - Lively

LIVE IN COLOURS is the moment from now on - when the present is immersed in the future. A bridge over time on which creativity breaks down our inner barriers and frees our imagination. A white canvas stretches in front of our inner eye and from now on the possibilities of creation are boundless. Like a brush that touches the canvas for the first time and lets it shine in intense colors, this eau de parfum opens with a vivid olfactory play of colors. Yellow lemon, pink grapefruit and red fruits let the composition shine and sends us into an exhilarating moment of freedom - casual and unrestrained. In the heart of the fragrance, intensive shades of ginger and pink pepper reveal the energetical motif of the artwork, whose colourful liveliness stands out against a calm background of fine, woody musk, Hinoki wood and warm amber. A creation like joy itself - derived from creative freedom, colours, limitless possibilities and exciting emotions.

Woody Aromatic
Topnotes: Lemon, Grapefruit, Red Fruits
Heartnotes: Ginger, Pink Pepper
Basenotes: Musk, Hinoki Wood, Amber

The House of Oud fragrances are unique and inimitable, touching the hearts and minds of whomever wear them. All the essences and absolutes used in the fragrances are obtained using traditional distillation and extraction methods, taking into account the specific properties of each oil and the skill of the distiller and perfumer. Thus, the house preserves a traditional way of making perfume using slow, hand-crafted processes. 
Each bottle is handmade and therefore unique. Each bottle takes a long time to make and involves many stages and steps right up until the last layer of paint is applied. The flacon – and the perfume itself – is quite literally a work of art. Produced by artisans for all those who appreciate the dying art of slow, hand-crafted fragrance.

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