Notturno Parfum 100 ml

  • Notturno Parfum 100 ml
  • Notturno Parfum 100 ml
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Meo Fusciuni - Cycle of Poetry - Notturno
Sometimes it takes a while to get into a heart. A thunderbolt, one look and you are inside. The difficulty is to remain, and furnish it with their presence. Find a space and know how to fill. The same goes for a fragrance not belong to us all, not everyone can live on our skin. Have you ever had to remain bewitched and heavily overwhelmed by the power of persuasion of a scent to the point that continues to alleggiare around you as the air you breathe ?
Night Meo Fusciuni is fascinating and sophisticated , refined and elusive, with a touch of
spirituality that I usually go to look for life in an arrangement of rum , a reminder of dinners
with friends, ink , leather keeper of memory, incense and musk. A fragrance dedicated to the hours of the night and looking inward.

Or better to tell the tale with the words of the creator : " The relentless drive in the night : the darkness that is the marvelous work that the man reaches , running in himself , traveling continuously without stopping , shattering all the certainties of his life. Night was founded by a mad desire for love. For the night , poetry , research obsessed architecture of the heart. The pyramid poetic / olfactory Night is a work of dark, tearing, that protects and sensual scent envelops you. The Rhum, top note, is olfactory memory of nights sleepless ; alcoholic initial leap , embrace the note gourmet . The amber liquid , a companion of night, single, faithful . On the heart is laying the ink , poetry, olfactory note of the writer, of the human soul ; beside him the smell of leather , the material that always surrounds the old diary . On the ground, in the base of Night , where the poet has walked , I left the woods , the birch and the Cedar, resins and forget love, Incense, Amber, Musk . The metamorphosis of odorous Night , at night reveals its poetic essence . "
" I waited for everything to pass, that the multitude became uniqueness. Olfactory architecture of the heart "
" I'm cold in that light , I started from my port and I arrived here, I wonder this light, I do not see outlines, do not see the light. I remain motionless hard to keep my body , just let my mind wander , my desire for love "
Woody Aromatic
Top note : Agreement Rum , Pineapple
Middle note: Ink, Leather Agreement , Clove , Birch leaves
Base note: Amber, Musk , Incense , Cedarwood

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