Corsica Furiosa Eau de Parfum 100 ml

  • Corsica Furiosa Eau de Parfum 100 ml
  • Corsica Furiosa Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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Parfum d'Empire - Corsica Furiosa

Furiously green.

A verdant burst built around lentiscus, an evergreen shrub
typical of Corsica.

Furioso. The term, used as a direction in music, means “to be played rapidly and with passion”… because Corsica, where Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has his roots, is never restful. It sends your eyes, your nose, and your heart into overdrive. So when you’re close to bursting with sensations and emotions, you take to the maquis. The perfumer’s new tribute to his homeland was inspired by the moving scent that greets the returning traveler: the green, intense, facetted fragrance of lentiscus, a shrub that grows on the sunny slopes of Corsica, from the highlands to the Mediterranean seaside.
But Corsica Furiosa is far more than that: the quintessence of everything that makes the “Island of Beauty” unique, fierce and strong. The violent contrasts of its smells, colors, reliefs, passions, secrets… Since everyone in Corsica has their own recipe for it, a fiery swig of eau-de-vie sets the top notes ablaze. In its combustible wake, it trails the green bite of nepita, a local variety of wild mint. Crisp green tomato leaf intensifies the natural vibe. When lentiscus kicks in, the plot thickens. The headstrong essential oil is the first to take off. Peppery, fruity, aromatic, then earthy with mushroom overtones, it thrusts itself into the heart of Corsica Furiosa. Then the absolute takes over with a smoother shade of green with hay, blond tobacco, honey and straw accents, darkened with a tinge of liquorish. A third type of extraction, obtained through a special technique, adds wafts of resin, spices and leather that draw you deeper into the mountain maquis… until you come to rest on a bed of moss.

Aromatic Green
The fragrance features mastic or lentisque, lime, grass, hay, honey, moss, labdanum, mint, tomato leaf,  pepper and leather....

Green from top to bottom and in every shade,
its sillage carries the smells of the mountain maquis.
Energizing and impetuous.

Corsicaanse groene furie

Vurig en explosief...Groen in al zijn facetten. Onrust rond de Corsicaanse Lentiscus, de mastiekboom. Mos, aarde, honing, hars en leder. Groen op elk niveau, in elke tint, de geuren van het Corsicaanse maquis.

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