Times Square Eau de Parfum 35 ml

  • Times Square Eau de Parfum 35 ml
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Masque Fragranze Milano - Times Square

New York stinks. It stinks of cheap harsh tobacco and dense exhaust gas. The traffic jam seems to be endless. And it stinks of hot rubber and stale steam. People are weird. The fashionista lady with the glowing green stilettos orders a huge pretzel. And stinks of lurid street-food of any sort. Cinnamon and fries. Mustard and caramel. The cherry of the whore's bloody-red lipstick with the strawberry of her chewing gum. The side alleys are just garbage and urine. But there's a lot of bachelorettes waiting for the male-strip show, and it's going to be a flood of tuberose and carnation. I feel like having a walk tonight. Go get my crab cakes and a burger. And breathe in the miasmas of the city miasmas on the way. Oh I love this city. How do I love it.

A lush, delightful composition that focuses more on the juicy strawberry lipstick side of things, Times Square will thrill anyone who loves berry-sweet make-up scent but with a dark hint of danger crowding in on the innocence of that accord. Here, inflections of rubber and rotting fruit add piquancy and a sense of impending danger to the syrupy, innocent lipstick notes, and the result is a perfume that balances child-like joy with a razor’s edge of darkness.

Topnotes: Hazelnut Accord, Glossy Lipstick Accord
Heartnotes: Osmanthus, Tuberose
Basenotes: Sandalwood, Gajacwood, Styrax

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