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Othello Eau de Parfum 100 ml
Othello Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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Ambre d’Or Notes mandarine, white peach, grey amber, ambretta, datura, opium flowers, white iris, myrrh, rose wood, patchouli leaves macerated in citrus fruits‚ honey

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Il Profumo - Othello

Passionate, Powerful

Woody and floral, Othello offers a scent of fresh agarwood, instilling a mysterious and impetuous character. A modern composition blending subtle bouquets of Oman incense, Siberian birch and Italian queen of the night… creating an atmosphere at once sensual and uplifting.

400 years after the death of William Shakespeare, the tragedy of Othello still excites and captivates audiences today. The legacy of the playwright is and remains an immense source of inspiration, between homage and reinterpretation, for artists and creators.

The founder and nose of Il Profvmo, Silvana Casoli, created her own interpretation in this first opus of an olfactory trilogy.

Casoli has created a sensual and lush fragrance, formed from oud, a monument of the perfume industry, which she has brilliantly used for the first time in her career. Her exuberantly sensual creation is the spectacle of a genuine oriental fantasy in which Othello’s aura of elegance is revealed. Theatrical, excessively powerful, yet perfectly controlled by Silvana Casoli, Othello undeniably establishes itself as an extremely baroque, symphonic and precious perfume.

"Othello is like an opera full of love and madness: a contrasting fragrance, where love penetrates into the grandest and darkest corners of the soul, it conquers all, both in life and in death." Silvana Casoli

The Fragrance
A sensual immersion in heady aromas. Othello, a powerful and sophisticated fragrance feels like warm, scented spices on the skin. Sensuous, fiery manhood - an absolute perfume that shows itself like a thousand faceted gem and reflects the very own personal traits of Othello.

After a fruity and sensual prelude full of passion, Othello develops fresh, spicy notes that light up like a greeting from the Orient. Deep and dark oud creates the final note, like a mirror of Othello's soul.

Il Profumo – The Magic of Perfume…
... has inspired Silvana Casoli, the company’s founder, for years. The natural scientist and cosmetologist spent many years as a very successful aromatherapist before deciding to fulfill a dream and create the Il Profumo range. Il Profumo is thus, as Silvana herself says, more than just a label, it is for her a labor of love, an idea that it is to be pursued further and further, a project that should always develop.

"Each product from Il Profumo consists of purely natural ingredients. They are obtained in hand using traditional methods of craftsmanship and meet the highest standards of quality. "

Silvana Casoli lets herself be inspired by the rhythm and language of nature and combines her traditional knowledge about the effects of fragrances essences and aromas to create the Il Profumo collection of fragrances. A passion, as she likes to emphasize, because scents have the ability to express life, the love of life and capture those moments of joy that make life worth living.

Floral Woody
Top Note: Passion Fruit, Tangerine Peel, Lime
Heart Note: Birch, Frankincense, Patchouly, Datura
Base Note: Honey, Agarwood (Oud), Ivy

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