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Timothy Han Edition Perfumes weaves together the purest natural ingredients to create unique sensory stories that inspire your imagination and captivate those around you.

Iconic works of literature inspire each of the fragrances. Stories that delve into people's relationships - whether with ourselves, others or our environment. Han believes that our entire existence as urban dwellers is based on our need to form relationships on a daily basis with those we meet. This journey is not just the inspiration behind the fragrance but is encapsulated in each facet of the olfactory journey, from the fragrance, to the name, to the bottle and the artistic collaborations forged. The way the fragrance develops on those who choose to wear it becomes their story.

Han called the company Editions Perfumes as he chooses to produce the perfumes in small batches called editions. Like the grapes in a fine wine, raw fragrance materials vary from year to year. Celebrating these subtle variances means only a limited number are created, with edition numbering to allow you to easily identify which batch of perfume your bottle came from.

Each fragrance will also feature a numbered work of art on the box cover which is tied to an individual artist. Similar to differing covers that appear with each new print run of a book, each edition of a perfume will also feature new artwork by the same artist.


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T.n.v: Parfumaria
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