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Andromeda Extrait de Parfum 100 ml Andromeda Extrait de Parfum 100 ml
Andromeda Extrait de Parfum 100 ml Andromeda Extrait de Parfum 100 ml
Andromeda Extrait de Parfum 100 ml
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Oriental Spicy Roman Wormwood, Lemon, Oman Frankincense, Star Anise Galbanum, Sri Lanka Cinnamon, Carnation, Thyme, Cyclamen, Sichuan Pepper Lebanon Cedar, White Musk, Koshmir Wood, Patchouli, Benz

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Tiziana Terenzi -Extrait de Parfum 100 ml Andromeda 

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We met Andromeda for the first time, wrapped in His infinite beauty, thanks to a trail of bright, fascinating stars, while trekking on the Sibillini Mountains, located in a little-known, but charming, area of our beautiful country. We were there looking for a natural and spontaneous event that can be considered a true miracle of Mother Nature.On these silent mountains a ritual takes place every year that is almost supernatural: the flowering.
Between late May and early July, the Castelluccio plateau witnesses this important event. For several weeks the chromatic monotony of the grassland is broken by a mosaic of colours, ranging from yellow ochre to red.Although the "Rorita" (Flowered) festival falls on the third and last Sundays of June, there is no specific day on which to enjoy this enchanting show. Every year it is in the hands of the seasonal weather and you have to know how to look for it because not everyone can find our scent. The species of flowers that dye the Plan Grande (great plain) and Plan Perduto (lost plain) in this period are countless. Walking along the paths you can find: gentianellas, daffodils,violets, poppies, buttercups, daffodils, purple eugeniae, clovers, shamrocks and many more.
During this walk along the paths of the Plan Perduto, in respectful silence for the lush nature surrounding you, you are intoxicated with scents and colours that fill not only the eyes but also the heart and soul. During summer nights, at the spartan bivouac by a crackling campfire, your gaze sweeps through the red embers of the fire, and with it the soul begins to fly up into the big sky full of twinkling stars.
This ethereal and white essence, like the sunny afternoon that follows us between reality and imagination, can, almost by magic, produce sweet and light scents, thanks to its top notes of passion fruit and cassis, that are at the same time persistent and long-lasting thanks to the strength of melilotus flower, lily and narcissus.
The power of the places is contained in this precious ampoule of nectar making you relive the dream every time you wear it.

Oriental Spicy
Topnotes: Roman Wormwood, Lemon, Oman Frankincense, Star Anise
Heartnotes: Galbanum, Sri Lanka Cinnamon, Carnation, Thyme, Cyclamen, Sichuan Pepper
Basenotes: Lebanon Cedar, White Musk, Koshmir Wood, Patchouli, Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Amber, Birch, Blond Tobacco

The Luna project
Tiziana Terenzi presents her new style project dedicated to the "future of memory". It is an artistic exploration that bases its principles on Tiziana's classic collection, enriching the basic features with fine details from the Stylists's jewellery-making experience.

Tiziana Terenzi Luna
The literary tradition of the medieval chivalric epic "Chanson de Geste", and its subsequent more popular form, tells us that all lost items, or rather items that have "gone astray", end up on the moon. The moon is the place where dreams and tears, love and reason, days of idleness and unfinished deeds are kept in precious glass ampoules. Bottles rather similar to those used to contain Tiziana Terenzi's precious essences today. By opening them and breathing in their content, a ritual that is repeated when we "taste" a perfume, we become the owners of the lost object therein. And when wearing one of these perfumes, we feel a sense of wonder, because this collection embodies the essence of "re-discovery", of recognising the dearest possessions we thought we had lost, or perhaps did not even know that we had forgotten. Wearing these fragrances takes us on an epic journey to the moon in search of our precious lost object. 

"The chariot, towering, threads the fiery sphere,/And rises thence into the lunar reign." Thus begins Canto XXXIV of Orlando Furioso, in which the protagonist, the Knight Astolfo, is sent to the moon on a special mission: he must recover Orlando's wits, which he has lost because of love.
Astolfo, Orlando's faithful companion who wants to return the Knight to his senses, travels to the moon on the back of a hippogriff, an incredible, magical, winged horse. Having reached his destination, Astolfo can see everything that has been collected: a rich and varied collection of things that have been lost on earth. Not only the riches and glories of ancient kingdoms, but also the tears and sighs of lovers, the time wasted by men and the projects that they never completed. Tiziana Terenzi wanted to retrieve her own "lost object" from the Moon, by completing an unfinished task that she has been working on for years. An artistic project that combines her golden poetic extraction with the verbalisation of scents that explore cosmic boundaries.Tales of a lunar fire that warms and nourishes travellers on the imagination's journey through distant memories, tales of trips that Tiziana and I made at an early age to memorable places in Italy, of bonfires and moonlight. Maybe that is why in this collection, more than ever, the fairy-tale element of memory clearly emerges, giving her assayers a fragrance created with the pure heart of the child within us, absolutely devoid of any contamination and influenced only by an artistic, loving imagination.The times when we were children, gazing at the sky on warm summer evenings, in the company of our grandfather Guglielmo and our father Evelino come to mind. On the flowered hills close to home, drowning in the scents and aromas of wild nature, we learned to recognise the stars and listened to the poems recited by our grandfather, together with the whole family, around a cheerful, crackling fire. These magical, happy evenings in the moonlight gave rise to a private collection of rare and precious essences, a secret shared only by Tiziana and Paolo. This small but tremendous treasure was composed of such rare and expensive essences that it simply could not be offered to others, unless as a gift. And indeed they had never shared it with anyone else until now. It is.
After more than twenty years of patient toil spent seeking and jealously preserving these rare components, today we are pleased and excited to present four fragrances that embody our most complex stylistic project: Tiziana Terenzi Luna. An exclusive collection inspired by the beauty of wonderment. Childlike wonderment, lost and then found, to be enclosed in the drops of a "lost"perfume which has never been revealed until now. Our own ride on the hippogriff has led us to create four stellar (or mythological or lunar) wonders:

Ursa Major

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