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Vero Profumo

Vero Profumo is a small line of niche fragrances by perfumer Vero Kern from Zurich. The unconventional combination of pure, high-quality materials give the creations of Vero Profumo a unique aromatic language. Radiating timeless charm and cultured beauty, they are an expression of Vero Kern’s taste and style, her passion for fragrances and composition. They are the quintessense of many years’ experience as an aromatologist and her training as a professional perfumer in Paris.


A great deal of creativity, imagination and perseverance is required to blend several aromatic substances harmoniously so that the result is a fine perfume with a distinctive character. The highly personal character of Vero Kern’s perfumes is the concentrate of multifaceted, unique and incredibly vivid aromatic experiences which have always motivated her and been part of her life.

Vero Kern Fragrance and scent have shaped Vero Kern's memories since early childhood. Born in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1940, she remembers exactly how her primary school classroom smelled: a particular, dry, rather dusty odour of wooden pencils and wet slates, against a background of polish on the wooden floors. Originally trained as a pharmaceutical assistant, Vero Kern came into contact with aromas and fragrance ingredients early on, sharpening those skills in her ten years in pharmacy. At the age of 54, and after a long period working for Swissair, she began working independently as a massage therapist and aromatherapist in 1994. A two-year training course as an aromatherapist at the same time gave her a firm foundation for professional involvement with essential oils and absolutes. Soon Vero Kern was creating personal blends for her own clientele. From 1998, she attended a range of training courses and seminars at Cinquième Sens, a perfumery college in Paris. The principal and founder of the college was Monique Schlienger who, in the sixties, was a pupil of Jean Carl, one of the greatest perfumers of the 20th century.

Vero Kern's olfactory preferences lie with the classical perfumes: Guerlain, Chanel or Caron are, for her, the highlights of classical perfumery, an art which is slowly disappearing. Many of the perfumes from these great houses were designed as all-encompassing concepts. With their sumptuous flacons and packaging, and exquisite fragrance compounds, each expressed the spirit of its age with exquisite beauty.

.vero.profumo. is a chance for Vero Kern to translate this original idea of perfume as an all-embracing concept into the present. Out of this, she has created perfumes that awaken the emotions. You might call it having 'happiness to hand' – in your handbag. 

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