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The History of PRO FVMVM ROMA

Earlier Fifties of Twentieth Century. In a small enchanting countryside town in the Southern of Italy – Sant’Elena Sannita – there was the desire to create great and important things. This entrepreneur spirit characterized in particular the Durante family guiding them towards the city of Rome, the right place to realize their objectives.

In a very short time they opened their first shop, selling luxury personal care and well-being products. Thanks to their special talent, they became the most important point of reference in their category in Rome and have been attended by many important celebrities of these days.

The business was handed over from parents to sons and with it also their passion and love towards smells, scents and fragrances, providing them with a cultural background and teaching them with devotion how to recognize different essences and their related emotions.

Thanks to their teachings Giuseppe, Luciano, Felice and Maria Durante – the latest generation - decided to give life to their professional passion and created their own olfactive concept. 1996 was the date when the concept was brought to life creating unconventional smells linked to their feelings, emotions and personal experience not following any existing rules in the world of fragrance. 

You are now reading just a small part of this charming story.

The Four Noses of PRO FVMVM ROMA

“Sometimes, a scent is more evocative than a photo or an image. It’s the trigger for an explosion of sensation, emotion, desire, atmosphere, uncontrollable sense of déjavu that spreads and binds us like honey, until it drowns us in only one moment of wellness.”

The excellent knowledge of Giuseppe, Luciano, Maria and Felice Durante persuaded them that the ideal and perfect odor can not be created by a single person.

Recognizing a smell is the result of personal feelings, emotions, memories and past experiences. The noses balance these
elements working in a perfect synergy and blending their inner sensations.

The result is PRO FVMVM ROMA, unique, unconventional, rare. A sophisticated concept evolving into an intense experience that can be lived and understood by everybody.

They are using a different approach starting from an emotion, a story, an experience belonging to the past that they want to recreate. Imagine the holiday spent in the enchanting Sardinia, the boat trip towards the island: which were the smells of this precise moment? Crispy and salty , myrtle and sea breeze.

Have a nice trip.

PRO FVMVM ROMA fragrances

Don’t call them simply scents: PRO FVMVM ROMA is an of olfactory concept. The fragrances of PRO FVMVM ROMA are fragrances, reminding us a precise moment of the past - personally or imaginary lived – and brought to a new life .

The smell are an inner part of ourselves, that we convey to the others. An unfailing communicative device, underlining our real attitude or creating a sort of alter-ego. According to our personality we identify ourselves with the fragrance we wear, and we spread a precise personal identity: cheerful, serious, determined, hilarious, rebel. The fragrance becomes a part of ourselves, something belonging us truly and deeply. PRO FVMVM ROMA embraces these beliefs, by designing upscale olfactory concepts fitting like a second skin, like an enchanting dress sliding on our body.

PRO FVMVM ROMA smells have an high concentration, about 43%: they will leave an incredibly persistent smell on the skin, developing in the first 30 minutes after the application. PRO FVMVM ROMA fragrances have a complex structure, revealing its dominating and fading essences time after time, in contact with the skin. They are extremely communicative: every morning or every night, we choose our favorite one according to our feeling and mood, aim and sensation, that awards us austerity or freedom, sensuality or wildness, anything we would be. Like a dress.

Opening PRO FVMVM ROMA Wardrobe: the fragrances

The Four Noses recommend to keep PRO FVMVM fragrances in a wardrobe, consecrating their rarity and preciousness, in order to preserve memories inside of each scent: PRO FVMVM ROMA is concentrate of emotions and sensations.

Please note: 

The spray is Profumum always  in the second layer on the bottom of the box with a travel spray as well. The boxes have to layers. Please check under the foam the second  layer. 


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